Why the mint?

Ever have that moment when you’ve said to yourself, “That would be a lot easier if only I could …?” Us too. Taxes, furnace repair, potty training, commuting are just a few examples that frequent our minds. We know you have great ideas, but you can’t see them through. Maybe it’s a lack of time or money or expertise. Not being able to build your great ideas doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get credit for them. The Minted Ideas team believes in the sharing economy. After all, what good is your idea if it just collects dust in the cobwebs of your mind?

We also know that ideas are cheap. People have them all the time. But what you do what them, true innovation, is not. Talented individuals and teams with dedicated resources can transform their imagination, their ideas in to reality. And for those ideas that become real products, there are communities like Product Hunt. And for founders with established products who are seeking funding, there are communities like AngelList.

For the rest of us, there is the mint. Share and archive your own ideas. Bookmark, follow and promote the ideas of others. Get the recognition you deserve for your innovation, your brilliance and your game changing solutions. Mint your ideas today.


There is! in addition to requirements labeled on the minting form, your idea will be screened by our team of idea experts. Once your idea is minted, you will receive a confirmation email. We screen ideas in an effort to maintain a level of quality and focus for our mint community.

Ideas like “inhabiting the moon” or “a cure for cancer” are examples of ideas that won’t be minted. It’s not that there isn’t a need for such ideas. There absolutely is! But those ideas aren’t unique and they’re big. They’re bold. We admire that ideas that you can build right now. Ideas that you’ve thought through and have a solve for today. But, due to a multitude of circumstances, you are unable to.

It’s something we are aware and we are just as concerned as you are. We are currently working on ways to protect your ideas.

We love feedback

We are always open to feedback and suggestions from our mint community. Have a way to make the experience better? Send us an email.